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Synthetic And Rayon Textiles Industry

Synthetic And Rayon Textile Exports
The textile industry of India is one of the top contributors to the country's economy. The manmade fiber (MMF) industry contributes 17% of India's textile exports, and the country is the world's sixth-largest exporter of MMF textiles. MMFs are generally of two types - synthetic and cellulosic. Cellulosic fibers are made from wood pulp, and synthetic fibers are made from crude oil. The key types of synthetic fiber are polyester, acrylic, and polypropylene. The manufacturing cost of textiles is among the lowest in the world, making it a popular destination for investment.
The MMF industry in India has been growing rapidly. The country ranks second in the production of cellulose fiber/yarn and third in synthetic fiber production worldwide. As of date, India produces almost all types of synthetic fibers. India produces fiber, yarn, fabrics, made-ups, and home textiles. The MMF fabrics hold a majority share in the segment exports, followed by made-ups and yarn. India is completely self-dependent across the value chain, from the raw material to the garments. The industry mainly constitutes of two types – polyester and viscose- which account for ~94% (in volume terms). In this, polyester accounts for around 77.5%, and viscose has the remaining share.
India exports polyester, viscose, and other types of fibers, polyester yarns, spun filaments, rope, blankets, bed linen, fishing nets, motifs, and furnishing articles. During the year 2021-22, India reached US$ 6.77 billion worth of exports, which was an increase of 45.83% over 2020-21.
During 2021-22, Polyester Filament Yarn (US$ 1.34 billion) was the top exported product in India's MMF textile exports, followed by Bulk Containers (US$ 999.58 million).
Largely, the demand for Polyester Filament Yarn (PFY) is expected to grow 15-20% in fiscal 2022. Additionally, the demand for Polyester Staple Fibre (PSF) is estimated at 14-19%. The global end-use demand for textile fibers is projected to increase by 2.80% per annum between 2015 and 2025, from 90.10 million tons to 119.20 million tons. The global end-use market for MMFs is expected to expand by 3.7% in 2025.
The demand for MMFs will be further boosted by factors like evolving consumer trends, including growing focus on fitness and hygiene, rising brand consciousness, rapidly changing fashion trends, and increasing women's participation in the workforce. These trends will bode positively for the Indian synthetic and rayon textiles industry.
The leading markets for India's MMF textile exports are the USA, UAE, Turkey, Bangladesh, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Germany, Italy, and Belgium.
USA was the top market for Indian MMF textiles during 2021-2022, comprising 14% of total exports, followed by Turkey and Bangladesh with 9% and 7% share, respectively. USA imported MMF textiles worth US$ 979.90 million and saw positive growth of 47.30% during the stated period. The total exports to Turkey were valued at US$ 643.02 million during 2021-22. Additionally, UAE imported MMF textiles worth US$ 385.55 million during the same period. Other key markets during 2021-2022 were Bangladesh which imported MMF textiles worth US$ 447.71 million and a share of 7%, Brazil with imports worth US$ 291.92 million and a percentage of 4%, Sri Lanka with imports worth US$ 255.50 million and a share of 4%, Egypt with imports of US$ 255.19 million and share of 4%, and Italy with imports of US$ 176.19 million and a share of around 3%. Germany and Belgium had a share of 2% each.
Turkey, Bangladesh, USA, and Belgium are the top importers of India's MMF fiber.
USA, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka are the leading markets for Indian MMF Fabrics. USA was also leading market for Indian MMF made-ups during the period, followed by UAE and Germany.
The Synthetic and Rayon Textile Export Promotion Council of India provides financial assistance to exporters under the Market Development Assistance (MDA) Scheme. Under the Market Access Initiative (MAI), financial aid is provided to the exporters for marketing, capacity building, research, and project development.
a) Export Promotion Programmes
The Government is doing its best to promote the exports of MMF textiles through benefits and incentives. Also, the customs is taking steps to reduce the compliance burden for business activities.
To promote exports to international markets, CCEA has launched a scheme for Remission of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products (RoDTEP). This would make the exported products cost-competitive in global markets and generate better employment prospects in export-oriented manufacturing industries.
b) Efforts to support the industry
India has withdrawn the anti-dumping duty on Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA), the primary raw material for manufacturing manmade fiber and yarn. India has also abolished the anti-dumping duty on viscose staple fibers, key raw materials for manmade fiber.
PLI Scheme for Textiles is another step taken by the Government to bolster the MMF industry. It specifically focuses on expanding the Textiles Value Chain's MMF and Technical Textiles segments. Incentives worth Rs. 10,683 crores (US$ 1.34 billion) will be offered over five years for manufacturing notified products of MMF Fabrics and MMF Apparel.
The Synthetic and Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council (SRTEPC)
Formed in 1954, the SRTEPC is one of India's oldest export promotion councils. The main roles of the council are to inculcate export culture and promote the exporters of Indian manmade fiber and textiles. The services of SRTEPC are to introduce buyers to exporters, information dissemination, undertake export promotion programs, conduct market studies, provide financial subsidies, create and maintain data banks, and advise the Government.

Source: India Brand Equity Foundation

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