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Silk Industry

Silk Industry In India


With sericulture activities spread across 52,360 villages, the Indian silk industry is one of the largest generators of employment and foreign exchange for the country. India enjoys a unique global position in terms of production of all commercially useful varieties of silk. India is the second largest producer of silk. The industry provides employment to over 7.9 million people in the country.


  • Over April-February 2016-17, export of silk and silk products from India stood at US$ 248.59 million.
  • The silk products exported include natural silk yarns, fabrics, made-ups, readymade garments, silk carpets and silk waste.
  • Readymade silk garments formed the largest segment generating around 68 per cent of silk export earnings during April-February 2016-17, while natural silk yarn, fabrics and made-ups comprised 22.3 per cent of silk export earnings. Silk waste, silk carpet and silk yarn comprised 5.3 per cent, 3.8 per cent and 0.5 per cent, respectively.
  • In 2016-17 (April-August), top ten importers of Indian silk and silk products were US (US$ 21.59 million), UK (US$ 13.47 million), China (US$ 13.27 million), UAE (US$ 8.28 million), Germany (US$ 5.3 million), Italy (US$ 5.23 million), Canada (US$ 3.66 million), France (US$ 3.14 million), Singapore (US$ 3.11 million), and Hong Kong (US$ 2.25 million).

Indian Silk Export Promotion Council

The Indian Silk Promotion Council (ISEPC) has initiated programmes for growth and development of the silk industry. ISEPC organizes trade shows and fairs across the world to promote trade with different countries. The Council also facilitates meetings between exporters and potential customers.


Source: India Brand Equity Foundation

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