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April 6th, 2021

April 6th, 2021

In order to keep the Indian exporters informed of the rejections faced by Indian products in the EU and to take preventive actions FIEO is forwarding the Rapid Alert Systems for Food and Feed (RASFF) and for Non-Food Consumer Products (RAPEX) alerts on a weekly basis.

The alerts from EU generated during 30th March - 5th April 2021 are as under:
1. Alert: Germany has removed Indian origin Earrings from market due to high cadmium content (measured value: 95% by weight).
Cadmium is harmful to human health because it accumulates in the body, damages the kidneys and the bones and is carcinogenic.
The product does not comply with the REACH Regulation.
Description: Earrings with artificial pearls. The product is also sold online.
Packaging description: Black box
Measures ordered by economic operators (to: Other): Removal of this product listing by the online marketplace
  • Country of origin: India
  • Alert submitted by: Germany
  • Risk type: Chemical
  • Category: Jewellery
  • Year - Week: 2021 - 13
2. Alert: Salmonella (presence/25g) in ground onions from India.
  • Notification from: Germany
  • Risk: Serious
  • Notification type: Food - information for attention - official control on the market
  • Action Taken: Withdrawal from the market
  • Date: 02-04-2021
3. Alert: Unauthorised substance ethylene oxide in (up to 722 mg/kg - ppm) in organic food supplements and (0.34 mg/kg - ppm) in peppers from India.
  • Notification from: Germany, France
  • Date: 01-04-2021
4. Alert: Cadmium (3.6 mg/kg - ppm) in frozen squid tentacles (Uroteuthis duvauceli) from India.
  • Notification from: Italy
  • Risk: Serious
  • Notification type: Food - border rejection - border control - consignment detained
  • Action Taken: Return to consignor
  • Date: 31-03-2021

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