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17 July, 2019

July 17, 2019
In order to keep the Indian exporters informed of the rejections faced by Indian products in the EU and to take preventive actions FIEO is forwarding the Rapid Alert Systems for Food and Feed (RASFF) and for Non-Food Consumer Products (RAPEX) alerts on a weekly basis.
The alert from EU generated during 9th July – 16th July, 2019 are as under:
Alert: Eyelash enhancing serum from India withdrawal from market due to non-compliance with Cosmetic Products Regulation. 
  • According to the label the product contains the active substance bimatoprost, which should be used under supervision of an ophthalmologist. Bimatoprost can cause eye and ophthalmic defects in the user and should not be used by pregnant and Breast feeding women, as it may affect the child. The product does not comply with the Cosmetic Products Regulation.(Click here for more details)
  • Notification from: Lithuania
  • Risk: Serious
  • Action Taken: Withdrawal of the product from the market
  • Date: 28th week of 2019 
Alert: Ochratoxin A (478.1 mg/kg - ppm) in infusion of aromatic plants from India
  • Notification from: Italy
  • Risk: Serious
  • Notification type: Food - information for attention - official control on the market
  • Date: 15-07-2019 
Alert: Unauthorised substance monocrotophos (0.97 mg/kg - ppm) in chilled moringa (drumstick) from India
  • Notification from: Germany
  • Risk: Serious
  • Notification type: food - Information for attention - border control - consignment released
  • Action Taken: Destruction
  • Date: 15-07-2019 
Alert: Aflatoxins (B1 = 3 µg/kg - ppb) in peanut chikki from India
  • Notification from: United Kingdom
  • Risk: Serious
  • Notification type: Food - border rejection - border control - consignment detained
  • Action Taken: Import not authorised
  • Maximum permitted levels of aflatoxins : 2 µg/kg* 
  • Date: 12-07-2019 
Alert: Unauthorised substance tricyclazole (0.082 mg/kg - ppm) in basmati rice from India, via Germany
  • Notification from: Finland
  • Risk: Undecided
  • Notification type: Food - information for follow-up - official control on the market
  • Action Taken: Recall from consumer
  • Maximum residue level (mg/kg) – 0.01
  • Date: 11-07-2019 
Alert: Aflatoxins (B1 = 8.6; Tot. = 9.7 µg/kg - ppb) in groundnut kernels from India
  • Notification from: Netherlands
  • Risk: Serious
  • Notification type: : Food - border rejection - border control - consignment detained
  • Action Taken: Official detention
  • Maximum permitted levels of aflatoxin : 2 µg/kg* 
  • Date: 11-07-2019 
*Note: As regards aflatoxins for more details refer Regulation (EU) No 165/2010 of 26 February 2010 amending Regulation (EC) No 1881/2006 setting maximum levels for certain contaminants in foodstuffs 

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