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Deemed Exports

Frequently Asked Questions
Deemed Exports

Question: What is deemed exports?

The transactions in which goods supplied do not leave the country and payment for the same is either received in INR or in free foreign exchange are categorized under deemed exports.

Question: Who all are eligible under deemed exports?

Supply of goods under following categories by a manufacturer and by main/ sub-contractors shall be regarded as ‘deemed exports’:-

  • Supply of goods against Advance Authorization/ DFIA/capital goods against EPCG Authorization and to EOU.
  • Supply to Project financed by multilateral/ bilateral agencies, ICB, UN Projects, Nuclear Power Projects, etc.
Question: What benefits are available under the deemed exports?

Deemed exports shall be eligible for any / all of following benefits in respect of manufacture and supply of goods, qualifying as deemed exports, subject to terms and conditions as given in HBP and ANF-7A: 

  1. Advance Authorisation / Advance Authorisation for annual requirement / DFIA.
  2. Deemed Export Drawback.
  3. Exemption from IGST till 31.03.2022
  4. Refund of terminal excise duty for excisable goods mentioned in Schedule 4 of Central Excise Act 1944 provided the supply is eligible under that category of deemed exports and there is no exemption.
Question: Who can claim the benefits and from where?

Supplier/ Recipient may file the application in ANF7A to the concerned RA. In case of supply of goods to EOU, claim is required to be filed to the concerned Development commissioner, if claimed by EOU.


Question: Whether any specific benefit is available on supplies made to Project financed by multilateral or bilateral Agencies/Funds?
Yes, supply of Cement & Steel also be eligible for Deemed Export benefits to such projects.
Question: What is the time period for claiming benefit?
For supply to Advance/EPCG License holders & to EUO, etc., application can be filed within 12 months from the last date of such supplies.  For supply to Projects, etc. within 12 months from the date of receipt of supplies by the project authority or from the date of receipt of payment by the supplier.

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