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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is e-sealing of export goods in containers?
Central Board of Excise and Customs (herein CBIC) has done away with factory stuffing of containers under the physical supervision of an officer of Department and eligible exporters are now entitled to self-seal their export containers by using an electronic seal.
Question: Who can avail self-sealing procedures of export consignments?
The exporters who were availing sealing at their factory premises under the system of supervised factory stuffing will be automatically entitled for self-sealing procedure.   Exporter desirous of availing this procedure shall inform the jurisdictional Custom Officer for permission for self-sealing at the approved premises. Once the permission is granted, the exporter shall furnish only intimation to the jurisdictional Superintendent or Customs each time self-sealing is carried out at approved premises.
Question: What are the standard specifications of the e-seal?
RFID seals should conform to ISO 17712:2013(H) and ISO/IEC 18000-6 Class 1 Gen 2. This has been prescribed to ensure that RFID seals are compliant with securing requirements and tamper proof.
Question: Is any document is required for purchase of e-seal?
Yes, IEC and Factory stuffing/Self Sealing permission is compulsory for purchasing of e-seal from the vendors.
Question: What are the data to be fed in the e-seal and how?

Following data are to be fed mandatorily in the e-seal through web based module/application provided by the respective vendor to the exporters.

 IEC (Importer Exporter Code)

 Shipping Bill Number

 Shipping Bill Date

 E-seal number

 Date of sealing

 Time of sealing

 Destinations Customs station for export

 Container Number

 Trailer-Truck Number

Question: What will happen when the container reaches the Port gate / ICD?
The jurisdictional Customs Officer shall verify the e-seal with the help of handheld reader or fixed reader or through any other mode as prescribed, whether e-seal is intact or not. If e-seal has been read as ‘NOT TAMPERED’, the export consignment would be processed for the purpose of registration and grant of ‘LET EXPORT ORDER’ as per established procedures.
Question: Can an exporter block the e-seal?
Yes, exporter can block the e-seal allotted to him, if he does not want to use it.
Question: Can an exporter edit the data in case of wrong entry or unwanted circumstances like vehicle breakdown?
The data once confirmed with e-seal can’t be deleted or edited.
Question: How the information of Customs clearance/rejection will be communicated?
Information will be seamlessly transmitted to the registered email id of the exporter from the vendor’s server.
Question: What is RFID e-seal to be used for self sealing of containers by the eligible exporters?
An e-seal is a sealing device with RFID chip inside it which can be read by enabled devices viz fixed reader, handheld reader or any other mode. Each e-seal has a unique RFID tag which contains electronically stored information. The custom officer at the gateway port would verify the integrity of the seals by using reader-scanners which are connected to the Data Retrieval System of the Vendor.
Question: How to use the seal to lock the container?
E-Seals are designed like the conventional bolt seal (bottle seal) so as to give the same experience and ease of sealing a container, which the exporter has been accustomed to. Just push the bolt into the cap and you are done. Typically, an e-seal is sold with two separate parts (male and female) packed together and care must be taken that parts which are packed together only are used with each other.
Question: How data/information will be retrieved from e-seal?

The reader would be provided at Ports and ICDs for reading the RFID tag in the e-seal and to ascertain whether it is TAMPERED or NOT TAMPERED. Arrangement have also been made to send alerts on registered mobile no. or e-mail id to keep informed about the scanning of the e-seal by customs officer.

Question: Who are the vendors from where e-seal can be purchased?
As on date following four vendors have been shortlisted by the Board for providing RFID Tamper Proof one-time-bo

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