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Trade Statistics


Trade Statistics

(Import statistics of 87 countries and India's contribution in their imports)

Top 25 Export Markets

1. United State America10. Netherlands19. Japan
2. China11. Malaysia20. Brazil
3. United Arab Emirates12. Saudi Arabia21. Thailand
4. Hong Kong13. Belgium22. Australia
5. Bangladesh14. Indonesia23. Turkey
6. Singapore15. Vietnam24. South Africa
7. United Kingdom16. France25. Sri Lanka
8. Germany17. Italy  
9. Nepal18. South Korea  


South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)

1. Afghanistan4. Maldives7. Sri Lanka
2. Bangladesh5. Nepal  
3. Bhutan6. Pakistan  


Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

1. Brunei Darussalam5. Malaysia9. Thailand
2. Cambodia6. Myanmar10. Vietnam
3. Indonesia7. Philippines  
4. Lao PDR8. Singapore  


European Union (EU)

1. Austria11. Germany21. Poland
2. Belgium12. Greece22. Portugal
3. Bulgaria13. Hungary23. Romania
4. Croatia14. Ireland24. Slovakia
5. Cyprus15. Italy25. Slovenia
6. Czech Republic16. Latvia26. Spain
7. Denmark17. Lithuania27. Sweden
8. Estonia18. Luxembourg28. United Kingdom
9. Finland19. Malta  
10. France20. Netherlands  


Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

1. Bahrain3. Oman5. Saudi Arabia
2. Kuwait4. Qatar6. United Arab Emirates





Eurasian Economic Union (EEU)

1. Belarus2. Kazakhstan3. Russia


East African Community (EAC)

1. Burundi3. Kenya5. Uganda
2. Rwanda4. Tanzania  


Other  Countries

1. Algeria7. Ethiopia13. Nigeria
2. Australia8. Jordan14. Senegal
3. Canada9. Lebanon15. Iran
4. Chile10. Mexico16. Israel
5. Colombia11. Mozambique17. Switzerland
6. Egypt12. New Zealand  




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