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Indonesia published Regulation of FDA No 11 Year 2019 concerning Food Additives


Indonesia published Regulation of FDA No 11 Year 2019 concerning Food Additives

This regulation is a revised version of the Regulation of the Head of FDA No. 26 Class of Food Additives, as it did not conform to the latest science and technology. This regulation also simplifies those 26 regulations of the Head of FDA into the Regulation of FDA Republic of Indonesia No. 11 Year 2019 concerning Food Additives.

Various classes are listed in this regulation, such as: antifoaming agent, anticaking agent, antioxidant, carbonating agent, emulsifying salt, packaging gas, humectant, glazing agents, sweetener, carrier, gelling agent, foaming agent, acidity regulator, preservative, raising agent, emulsifier, thickener, firming agent, flavour enhancer, bulking agent, stabilizer, colour retention, flour treatment agent, colour repellent, sequestrant.

This regulation regulates the maximum level for the use of food additives, specifically for each food category.

As the new regulation is issued, therefore all the previous regulations regarding the requirement of food additives are declared to be invalid.

The regulation covers prohibited raw materials, as follows certain plant sources and specific chemicals.

Products covered: Processed food

HS Codes:16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24 

Proposed date of adoption: 28 June 2019

Proposed date of entry into force:  28 June 2019

Final date for comments: not applicable

If the Proposal/Notification/Regulation will affect your International Business please send us your representation with facts and figures , so that these can be taken up suitably.


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