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Israel amended standards for Household and similar electrical appliances


Israel amended standards for Household and similar electrical appliances

Revision of the Mandatory Standards SI 69 and SI 579 part 2, dealing with the electrical storage water heaters. These standards will be replaced together with the following standards:

  1. SI 69 - Household and similar electrical appliances - Storage water heaters - General and performance requirements.
    This draft standard revision in a national standard and includes the following changes from the previous edition:
    • Expends the standard's scope to 400 liters electrical storage water heaters;
    • Moves all safety requirements to Israel Standard SI 900 part 2.21;
    • Expends the types of permitted steels;
    • Removes the permit to use copper water heaters;
    • Amends the safety requirements against shredding;
    • Moves the thermostat requirements to Israel Standard SI 900 part 2.21;
    • Removes the requirements for the re-heat test.
  2. SI 900 part 2.21 - Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety: Particular requirements for storage water heaters.
    This standard adopts the International Standard IEC 60335-2-21 - Edition 6.0: 2012-11, with the following major national deviations that appear in the standard's Hebrew section:
    • Changes the references to the International Standard IEC 60335-1 and applies instead Israel's Mandatory Standard SI 900 part 1 (General national remark);
    • Changes the normative references (paragraph 2);
    • Adds new marking and instructions requirements (paragraph 7); 
    • Adds new construction requirements (paragraph 22); 
    • Adds new components requirements (paragraph 24); 
    • Adds new requirements to paragraph 25 dealing with supply connection and external flexible cords (paragraph 25.2.201); 
    • Adds new requirements to paragraph 27 dealing with the provision for earthing; 
    • Adds to paragraph 32 dealing with radiation, toxicity and similar hazards a requirement that the product shall comply also with the requirements of Israel Standard SI 5452;
    • Add and amends Figures 101 and 102;

Changes Annexes A and AA and add a new national Annex "נספח א".

Products covered: Electrical storage water heaters

HS Codes: 851610

Proposed date of adoption: To be determined

Proposed date of entry into force:  Generally 60 days after publication in Israel Official Gazette, Section of Government Notices.

Final date for comments: 60 days from notification

If the Proposal/Notification/Regulation will affect your International Business please send us your representation with facts and figures , so that these can be taken up suitably.


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