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Uganda proposed Standard for meat and meat products

Uganda proposed Standard for meat and meat products

Uganda National Bureau of Standards proposed following:

1) DUS 931:2019, Minced meat — Specification:

This Uganda Standard specifies requirements, methods of sampling and test for minced meat intended for use as food or as an ingredient in foods.

Products covered: Minced meat

HS code: 020130

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2) DUS 922:2019, Meat grading system — Requirements — Part 1: Beef:

This Uganda Standard specifies requirements for grading system of the whole cattle carcasses which are fit for human consumption at the abattoir. It applies to all categories of cattle.

Products covered: Meat grading system

HS code: 02

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Proposed date of adoption: July, 2019

Proposed date of entry into force: NA

Final date for comments: 24-05-2019

If the Proposal/Notification/Regulation will affect your International Business please send us your representation with facts and figures , so that these can be taken up suitably.



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